Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Holy doppelganger! I found my (apparent) twin!

Have you ever had someone stop you, then realize who they thought you were, actually wasn't? And it's usually followed by some exclamation about how you have a twin roaming around (perhaps an evil twin). Ever had the feeling you may have been adopted? Have you played with that Facebook app, FaceDouble® Twins Doppleganger or other fun doppelganger games? My wife apparently has a twin...who lives about 20 miles from us in Alsea, Oregon. And it must be true. The guy at John Boy's Alsea Mercantile said so...after talking to her for a few minutes thinking she was someone else...while my wife just stood there incredulously thinking, "this is really strange...but so interesting!"

Some months back I happened across my apparent twin whilst doing water-related research on the web! His name is Chris Perceval. He lives on the East Coast in the Washington, DC metro area and works for the World Resources Institute (WRI). While he appears to be my twin, he can't be my doppelganger because he's apparently doing good things, right?! Anyway, I posted his WRI pic on Facebook to see how many of my high school friends and family also saw the similarities. Most couldn't actually believe it wasn't me!

I've searched around for the web for some late high school photos of myself and could only come up with one (pictured below), but I know I have one nearly identical to Chris'. Once I find it in my cedar chest of old pics, I'll scan and post it. For the time being, here's a pic of me in middle school and one of me in high school. They aren't dead ringers but the resemblance is uncanny.
Jeremiah or Chris? (It's Chris, BTW)

Jeremiah or Chris? (It's me, BTW)
Me in middle school. Both lower left pics.

While not dead ringers (I have one somewhere!), I find the resemblance somewhat chilling. Do you seemingly have a twin, too? Care to share the story or pics? I'd love to hear them. Comment away!

Strange lines (a poem)

Time isn't linear.
We now know that...
(or do we?)
But what is it?
And how does a singular life
follow along it?
In haste?
Fleeting, flooding, continuous(?)...
for a time.

Perhaps it's not surprising
that time had a beginning...
but an end?
Acutely aware
that life has an end
at some point in time.
But that life provides a stamp in time
that is lasting.

Strange lines,
and time.