Monday, March 10, 2014

Secret Fishing Holes and Hunting Spots

Where were you fishing? I promise I won't tell anyone. *Very. Next.Day.*

Ever had one of these experiences?

While this is obviously a bit of an exaggeration, I have had similar experiences where a particular spot I thought was relatively secluded ended up not being so. As a life-time fisherman, hunter, camper, backpacker, and all-around outdoorsman, I tend to keep rather mum on a few of my most cherished places to go. And while I am judicious about telling people ALL the good fishing/hunting/hiking spots, I usually tell them at least a few good places to go.

Why? Because I want more people developing a sense of place and making strong connections to the rest of the natural world (of which we are a part of). Why? Because making a connection often results in shared respect. Respect often leads to caring. And, while there's been little research in this arena (see Joanne Vining's piece in Research in Human Ecology), caring may wind up making the difference in how things end up being managed.

So please, please, if you care about a particular place or species or habitat, don't keep mum about it. Sure, keep a few of your most special places on the hush...but tell people about other great places to go, get them outside, show them why connecting to the rest of the natural world is so marvelous! Doing so may just help help save your favorite place.