Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Johnny Scofflaw - a caption contest

A photo came up the today on the Facebook page of a popular copper moonshine still manufacturer (Clawhammer Supply). It was for a photo caption contest that had some pretty creative caption entries. Perhaps because I was a Bear Cub, Cub Scout, Webelo, then Boy Scout, I immediately thought of the various 1950's era images we were surrounded with during my time in scouts and decided to go with the Boy Scout project theme. A few seconds later, I came up with this a caption for the image...
And with this one project, Johnny thought for sure he'd qualify for no less than seven Boy Scouts of America merit badges (American Heritage, Art, Chemistry, Cooking, Inventing, Metalwork, and Plumbing). Little did he realize that his Climbing, Hiking, Orienteering, Shotgun Shooting, Weather, Wilderness Survival, and Law merit badges would all serve him well as he eluded BATF agents in the ensuing raid.

I think there may be at least a few more merit badges that qualify...but I'm not sure the Boy Scouts of America would agree with me.

Have a caption you think fitting? Add it to the comments, below.

Long live fermentation science, creativity and the ingenuity of the human spirit!

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