Friday, August 28, 2015

Happiness to me is...

From The Shadowwolf on DeviantArt.

Reflection and contemplation can sometimes come at the most unexpected moments and seemingly without reason (although I don't believe anything happens without purpose...but I digress).

I was sitting in my office today busily working on getting my teaching materials all buttoned up while listening to background music when a "song" prompted me to pause and listen with intention. I say "song" because it was really spoken word set to music. It was hauntingly beautiful and it elicited an almost yearning sensation in me. The "song" was called "Happiness" from the Spoken Word Album by One Hello World. He does some very interesting stuff. Check out his blog and SoundCloud site.


What is happiness for me? I certainly cannot fully capture it in a blog post. Nor with the written or spoken word. So I'll just have to list some things that bring me happiness.

Simplicity, hearts connecting, fellowship with community, loving and being loved, in tune with natural rhythms, the feeling after a good cry, helping others, giving freely, being fully immersed in music, feeling the spirit move within, a fine single malt Scotch or craft beer, time in reflection, everything about water, the feeling of a fish on the end of my line on a fly I tied, standing atop a mountain after a hard hike and taking in everything [EVERYTHING!], contemplation in an alpine meadow, smokey sunsets, laying under the stars and thinking about life and meaning, the smell of fresh rain, watching clouds, and so many other things.

In three words - LIVING FULLY ALIVE!

What is happiness for you?

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